Chabad Of New Zealand Pesach Page

Pesach Sedorim across New Zealand 

For Reservations please email: 

 Auckland: [email protected]
Queenstown: [email protected]

Nelson: [email protected]

Dunedin: [email protected]


The above list is of our MAIN Chabad Seders across NZ. There are also other locations across NZ where you can attend a communal Seder. For more info please contact us: 021818770 / [email protected]

Note: Your reservation is only complete once you receive a phone call confirmation.

Security Notice:

1. For security reasons, we do not publish the locations of our events. Details will be sent to each guest upon verification.

2. The doors will be locked at 6pm sharp. Doors open from 5pm.

  :הוראה בטחונית

.הדלתות ינעלו בשעה 18:00 בדיוק

.מטעמי בטחון אין אנו מפרסמים את מיקום הסדר כי אם לכל אחד בפרטיות


For more information please call: 021818770